full shop update
- new common items (weapon/armor/accessory) selling, new pet armors and etc
- updated "Blacksmith of Mammon" exchange/dual craft/unseal list

- missed html for previous shop/traders update
-fixed missed drop for "Ancient Book", "Angelic Essence", "Destruction
Tombstone", "Nonliving Nucleus", "Memento Mori", "Dragon's Heart",
"Earth Egg"
full npc Race update. A lot npc changed race. This affected now to player skills what checking race to cast/attack.

- no use souls
- min distance increased 150->200
- no reuse now
"Burning Chop"
- disable bugged two-hand blunt checking. Now working only with one-hand blunt's

- added quest "A Special Order"
(Helvetia, Giran, 40+lvl). Note: quest to "Wondrous Cube". Note2:
current server incorrect working with fishing. So, this quest use path
with "Gesto" only (original version - Gesto or O'Fulle randomly).

"Flames of Invincibility"
- fixed correct abnormal state

added quest "Path to Hellbound" ("Sage Kasian", Ant nest, 78+)

- fixed: recall from Hellbound Isle

- "Maestro Ishuma" spawn (temporary position, because AirShip port not available yet) in Gludio Village

- add effect to "Great Fury"
- "Fighter/Archer Will" check now equip weapon before activated
- all npc stats again fixed (to decreased) (example, Frintezza Raid mob stats fixed)


Pelo q eu entendi a quet esta funcionando, mais naum pela opção da pescaria e sim a da semete, inclusive ja peguei a quest e ela pede 120 sementes. a garnde pergunta é:

Onde acho o raio dessas sementes ?? no mammon ??

Help please..